2022 Show and Auction Dates

Saturday               26th March      BSSA                Murphy Classic Novice/Intermediate Show

Sunday                  1st May            BSSA                Stan Watson Breeder Show

Saturday               14th May          NEBS                Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show

Sunday                  15th May          Port Pirie         Young Stock Show

Sunday                  22nd May         BCSA                Logan Shield State Show

Saturday-Sunday  28-29th May    ANBC               National Show Adelaide

Sunday                  12th June          BSSA                Ron Norman/BRASEA Annual Show

Saturday               18th June          NEBS                Fisher Annual Show

Saturday               25th June          Port Pirie         Annual Show

Saturday               16th July           BCSA                Annual Auction and AGM

Sunday                  30th October    BSSA                BSSA/NEBS Nest Feather Show