Hi All,

BCSA is calling for applications to undergo a trainee judge’s course. Entry requirements are set out in detail on the bcsa website but briefly are as follows:

  • Been a member of the BCSA for at least five years

  • Are an Open exhibitor

  • Sit an introductory theory exam from the ANBC Standard

  • Receive over an 18 month period monthly mini tests covering all varieties, Penalty and Disqualification Clauses, and judging protocols

  • Accompany a Major Award Judge at club shows and Logan Shield State Show over a minimum 18 month period

  • Finally, undertake a theory and practical exam to be admitted as a Judge.

Deadline for expressing interest June 30.


John Mulley,

NEBS Secretary

Latest issue of Feathered World. Contains two articles of interest, one on E.coli which is topical given a the recent disease outbreak over east, and another on the evolutionary history of the budgerigar.

John Mulley

NEBS Secretary.

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