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Agenda for Annual General Meeting of

The Budgerigar Council of South Australia Incorporated

Saturday 16th July 2022

Enfield Community Centre


  1. Venue:  Enfield Community Centre


  1. Commencement Time:  9.00am 


  1. Attendees: All Council members attending at the Auction Venue.


  1. Apologies:


  1. Previous Minutes: Meetings minutes distributed to all following last year’s AGM


Motion: - That he minutes as tabled previously be accepted


Moved –  

Seconded –  


  1. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes:

  • Nil.

REPORTS (All reports to be accepted in one motion)


  1. Financials 2021-22: Attached

  2. Presidents Report: Attached

  3. Treasurers Report: Attached

  4. Ring Officers Report 2022:


A total of 9490 rings have been issued to South Australian fanciers this year. Another 650 are about to be ordered as a supplementary order

This year’s issue was delayed due to postal problems that were out of our control.  Rings were ordered in plenty of time and as per usual they were to be posted later in the year, we asked for this post out to occur sooner than normal but the postal system did not match our intent.

The 2023 order and supplementary orders will be now posted at completion of manufacture direct to the State Ring Officer for distribution at the authorized time.

Trusting your season has been a good one

Nigel Tonkin State Ring Officer.



Note from BCSA Secretary – SA ring orders are again extended to 31st August 2022 for this state with ANBC approval and all relevant orders for 2022 will been placed with the manufacturer Coditech within that timeline.


Motion: -         That all reports be accepted


Moved –  

Seconded - 


  1. Committee Positions:


Election of Office Bearers:


Nominations received as per the Objects and Rules of The Budgerigar Council of

South Australia Incorporated.


  1. President:                                                    

  2. Vice- President:                                                 

  3. Secretary:                             

  4. Treasurer:                                          

  5. Ring Officer:                            Nigel Tonkin (accepted)

  6. Website Coordinator:              Ruth Lange (accepted)


The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer have no nominations to date and will need to be appointed by the Committee of The Council to fill the positions provided as long as those members hold no other formal position on the Committee, in accordance with the Objects and Rules of The Budgerigar Council of South Australia Incorporated.


Motion: -         “That the nominated candidates that have accepted be declared the elected office bearers for the year 2022/23


Moved –  

Seconded –  


Balance of the Committee for the year 2022/2023 (current delegates)


NEBS - Shiralee Reardon, John Mulley, Nigel Tonkin (4th to be advised at AGM)

PPBS -  Larry Jeffries, Doug Lange, Peter Glassenbury, Michael Smith

BSSA -  Chris Murphy, Bob Deverson, Wayne Weidenhofer, Troy Holmes (yet to be confirmed at date of Agenda preparation)   


Motion: -         “That the Delegates recorded be accepted” 


Moved –  

Seconded –


Motion: -         “That the signatories for bank accounts be extended as follows – John Mulley, Dennis Lomman and Nigel Tonkin with 2 to sign”

Once positions are sorted change will be required


Moved –

Seconded –


  1. Election of Auditor:


That an auditor independent of the Committee be sought by the Committee to Audit the Council books for the 2022/2023 year.



A person will now be required to audit the years books and these books will be extensive given the ANBC involvement and advise into the future the correctness of the books as presented.


Moved –

Seconded –



  1. General Business:


Motions: -

Financial Matters – (to be treated as one motion)


  1. “That the Full Member Organization fees for the forthcoming year

be $100.00 and be subject to review at the next Annual General    Meeting.”

  1. “That individual membership be $15.00 per year and be subject to review at the next Annual General Meeting”.

  2. “That the Junior Membership fee for the year be FREE and be subject to review at the next Annual General Meeting”

  3. “That the price of rings for the 2023 be set at 50 cents per unit and freight and bank fee charges apply as per ANBC guidelines and as settled at any General Meeting”.    


Moved –  

Seconded –


  1. General Matters –


  • Could member clubs please advise the BCSA Secretary of show dates for 2023 so that a calendar can be prepared for the next general meeting.


  1. Discussion Point;


  • The results of the following Auction today will determine the ongoing viability of the BCSA income stream as online auctions have certainly impacted on birds available given only142 are presented for this year which is well below are usual 200


  1.    Discussion Points from Members for future Council consideration;




  1. Meeting Declared Closed:  pm






Financial Accounts for BCSA Inc General Account to June 30th 2022







Operating account

 $             4,367.05

Club Affiliations 2022


Auction proceeds


Auction / Show Raffles


Memberships 2021


Memberships 2022


Ring Sales 2022


Show entry fee 2022


Interest from Term Dep


Return hall bond/key dep


Return of seed funding


Total Income for Year



2021 Rings (Supp)


2022 Rings


Junior ring reimbursement


ANBC Affiliation 2022-23


Auction payouts


Auction costs


Bank Charges


UBBSA Affiliation 22/23


Logan Show Exp 2022


Hall Hire 2021-22


Hall Bond/Key Deposit


Public Liab Insurance 2020


Secretarial expenses


Bird Carer shirts


Total Expenses for Year

 $       24,713.34

 Balance from all of the above transactions



Actual Balance as per Operating Statement


Less unpresented cheques (1)



Net Balance operating account


                         National Show Account

Balance at 30/06/2022



                          Deposit as at 31.12.21


Transfer to National Show Account


Balance at 30/06/2022


Total Funds of BCSA as at 30/06/2022
















BCSA Inc. National Show Operating Account to June 30, 2022







Balance brought forward


Transfer from Inv Account

 $        10,000.00

Seed funding

ANBC Sponsorship

 $        10,000.00

Golden Cob Sponsorship

 $           6,480.00

Rosette Sponsorship

 $           5,600.00

Auction Commission

 $           7,205.00

Lucky Squares

 $           4,470.00


Total Income

 $        43,755.00


Show Venue Hire

 $            5,858.70

Subsidised Accommodation

 $            7,622.00


 $            2,749.41

Judges Expenses

 $            1,735.36


 $            5,231.40


 $            2,350.00

Hire Car Subsidies

 $            1,250.00

Bird Room Supplies

 $               669.93

Shirts and Embroidery

 $               605.85

Venue Decoration

 $               635.00

Venue takedown

 $               350.00

Office Expenses

 $               352.79

Trophy Engraving

 $               330.40

Auction Expenses

 $                  72.56

Covid Management

 $               390.10


 $               510.00


 $               100.00

Bank Charges

 $                  57.65

Transfer to Operating Acc

 $         15,000.00


Total Expenditure

 $         45,871.15

Final Balance


Balance as per bank statement June 30


Original Signed


Treasurer BCSA - John Mulley


BCSA Treasurer Report 2021-22

     Details of the financial position of the BCSA at the end of the 2021-2022 financial year are set out in the two balance sheets that accompany this report. Total funds of $69,368.09 compares very favorably with $64,059.79 recorded at the end of the previous financial year and maintains the firm financial position for the BCSA. 

     The Operating Account balance is $21,846.50, temporarily inflated due to the return of the $15,000 seed funding from the National Show Account. The remaining entries on the balance sheet account for annual income and expenditure at routine levels.  There will be a transfer of $15,000 from the Operating Account back to the Investment Account at its maturity on July 19.

     The Investment Account currently holds a balance of $44,697.74. When the current term ends on July 19 it will be increased to $59,697.74 with the transfer of $15,000 from the Operating Account. This will replace the $15,000 originally transferred to the National Show Account as seed funding. From 19th of July the Investment Account will be rolled over for the minimum period of two months to allow the incoming Treasurer time to establish their banking arrangements for the BCSA. 

The National Show Account balance is $2,878.85. This account was established to manage the finances for the national show hosted by the BCSA in May 2022. It was seeded with $15,000 transferred from the Investment Account ($5,000 during the 2020-21 financial year and a further $10,000 during the 2021-22 financial year). This was done so that accounts could be paid prior to establishing an income stream for the show and as insurance in the event of the show running into deficit. The budget compiled prior to the event predicted a deficit but the overriding consideration was that a national show had not been held since 2019. The $2,878.85 surplus will be transferred to the Operating Account and the National Show Account closed soon after June 30 since all known national show expenses have now been paid.  

Mention must be made of the outstanding fundraising efforts that allowed the show to end with a moderate surplus of $2,878.85. In addition to sponsorship from the ANBC and Golden Cob substantial funds were raised through rosette sponsorship, auction commission, lucky squares associated with donated birds and the ANBC subsidizing half of the States and Zones team transport between Adelaide airport and the venue at Victor Harbor. The host state generally funds that in its entirety.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                            John Mulley, BCSA Treasurer    









To say this year has been turbulent would be an understatement. The effects of COVID continued to plague Council and Club operations for the entire year and the return to normality is still considered a long way off even though Government regulations have eased the personal impacts remain.

Our long-term planning was well entrenched with our regular venue at the Grand Chancellor in Hindley Street however the fact that it was a designated Covid Hotel weighed heavily on those few arranging the event which unfortunately had been cancelled in Victoria for the previous two years.

A late call was made in January to also cancel the SA event and this was not well received throughout the various ANBC states and zones.

This then lead to a submission to assess a restricted access event controlled by Covid regulations that allowed the event to run in a far reduced format that was the usual programming.

Incredibly the event was arranged in three months with the extreme vigour of a very small group led by Wayne Weidenhofer and this group, with limited or no experience in National operations, pulled it together and the event proceeded at the McCracken Country Club at Victor Harbor with Covid still effecting club members and even staff at that venue.

Many changes had to be made to the usual operations and these immense variations saw the event run and managed with strict guidelines in place.

Some of these inventive changes may well be looked at in the future by other host states and zones in their future operational processes to manage their events.

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